Environmental Upgrade Agreements


An Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) is a smarter way to finance your building upgrade. Using private finance to upgrade non-strata commercial buildings there are many benefits...


The savings pay for the upgrades...

Building upgrades can deliver significant savings that can be used to repay the upgrade finance.

Owners and tenants share the benefits...

Owners and tenants can both gain from maximising a building’s energy efficiency. An EUA allows owners and tenants to share these benefits. On average, tenants contribute 50% of the cost of an EUA-funded project.

A longer loan term...

An EUA is secured finance so it can be locked in for a longer term, up to 15 years. This increases the likelihood that the savings generated will be greater than the EUA repayments and better match the life of the upgraded equipment.

The EUA is attached to the land...

EUA finance is attached to the land. If the land is sold, the EUA may be transferred to the new owners, or discharged on settlement.


Eligible upgrades

Eligible works include those that focus on:

  • energy and water efficiency
  • renewable energy
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • preventing or reducing pollution
  • reducing the use of materials
  • recovery or recycling of materials
  • monitoring environmental performance
  • encouraging alternatives to car travel, such as walking and cycling

How do the agreements work?

The agreement is voluntary and is between the building owner, a financial institution and North Sydney Council. Loan repayments are collected by North Sydney Council through the rates payment system. The loan is levied as a special charge on the land (an Environmental Upgrade Charge) and paid to the financial institution within 7 days.


Who can enter into an EUA?

North Sydney Council currently will enter into a EUA if:

  • the building is an existing non-residential building that is not strata titled located within the North Sydney local government area;
  • the building owner has an Australian business address or uses an Australian agent;
  • the building owner seeks to carry out environmental upgrade works to a building - subject to satisfying Development Application requirements;
  • the building owner(s) and/or existing buildings do not have outstanding rates payable.

More information

Contact Council’s Sustainable Business Coordinator on 9936 8100, or

EUA Coordinator at the Office of Environment and Heritage on 1300 361 967

If you have EUA questions related to a DA then please speak to our free DA Advisory Service.


EUA - launch event

EUA - is it a special loan?



Case Studies


10 Valentine Avenue, Parramatta (pdf)


Other NSW Councils that offer an EUA

City of Sydney - contact eua@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au or 02 9246 7843

Parramatta City Council - contact rpeacock@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au or 9806 5733


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