Green Waste Clean Up

Every second Monday (dates below) there is a Council pickup for green waste items.


There are two ways to book your pick up:



Allowed for single residences is 2m2 (like a small box-trailer load), and 0.5m2 for each unit in multi-unit residences.


Items Accepted

  • tree loppings up to 7.5cm in diameter and 1.2m in length
  • tree branches and prunings must be tied in bundles
  • leaves and grass - loose material must be placed in a 240L green waste bin (can be ordered below)
  • thorns in palms or branches must be in a green waste bin - not bundled or loose
  • pine Christmas trees (non-artificial) can go in green waste

Items NOT Accepted

  • tree stumps
  • untied loppings exceeding 7.5cm in diameter and 1.2m in length
  • building materials, such as timber or bricks
  • food waste, including vegetables and fruit
  • soils and stones

Items - how to present them for pickup

  • items must not be placed out earlier than the Sunday before the Monday collection
  • put items outside the property boundary, or within 2m of an entrance
  • items will NOT be collected if put in unsuitable containers such as cardboard boxes, plastic/hessian bags, the yellow or red lid bins
  • put items in a standard 240L green waste bin (can be ordered below), or a tied bundle
  • rigid reusable containers other than 240L green bins are acceptable on a case by case basis


Green Waste bin application

If you wish to purchase your own green waste wheelie bin, Click on the link below:

Online form: Green Garden Waste Bin form

This form should be filled in and submitted online, and you will also need to make a secure payment online.

Delivery will be approximately 10-15 working days from receipt of order form and payment.

Please do not use a wheelie bin purchased from hardware stores for they are not compatible with truck loading mechanisms and will be rejected, try recommended bin wholesalers - Environmental Bin Sales, Sulo, Mastec etc.


2021 Collection Dates (incl public holidays)

Mon 11 January

Mon 25 January

Mon 08 February

Mon 22 February

Mon 08 March

Mon 22 March

Mon 05 April

Mon 19 April

Mon 03 May

Mon 17 May

Mon 31 May

Mon 14 June

Mon 28 June

Mon 12 July

Mon 26 July

Mon 09 August

Mon 23 August

Mon 06 September

Mon 20 September

Mon 04 October

Mon 18 October

Mon 01 November

Mon 15 November

Mon 29 November

Mon 13 December

Mon 27 December


* Council contracts this service to URM. To facilitate this service your personal details may be provided to URM who are bound by Council's privacy obligations - please refer to