Outdoor Fitness Code of Conduct

The purpose of the North Sydney Council Outdoor Fitness Training Code of Conduct is:

  • to eliminate negative behaviour that interferes with the amenity of local residents and other park users
  • to ensure access to and use of public open space is preserved for all members of the community
  • to protect the public open space and public domain for future community use
  • to provide the opportunity for the community to benefit from, enjoy and engage in fitness training in a variety of outdoor environments.

Personal trainers are asked to complete the Trainer Declaration and comply with the Code of Conduct at all times.

Signing the declaration signifies a personal trainer's intent to comply with the Code of Conduct.



Under the Code of Conduct fitness training is not permitted within marked sportsfields or bushland zones (unless on footpaths), the maps show the locations of sportsfields and the Bushland Zones in the North Sydney area. 

These maps are available for download below and should be viewed in association with the Code of Conduct.

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