Parks & Reserves Information


NOTICE - annual Herbicide application


Herbicide treatment for the following Parks / Reserves / lawns is scheduled as follows

  • Coal Loader Platform (turfed area)
  • Stanton Reserve (Kirribilli Ave)

will be sprayed with selective broadleaf spray for broadleaf weeds, between the dates - 01/02/2021 and 12/02/2021 .

We will be using the selective herbicide 'Spearhead', which is a Group F I Herbicide - company name: Nuturf

Active constituents: 

20g/L Clopyralid present as Potassium salt

15g/L Diflufenican

300g/L MCPA present as Potassium salt

Both areas will be signposted with a minimum one week’s notice and exact treatment information including re-entry period will be posted on those signs at the time of treatment.

Treatment will be undertaken at times resulting in as little impact upon users as possible though we apologise for any inconvenience this treatment may cause.

Any questions or queries can be directed to Simon Ward – 9936 8556


More information and the current product SDS is available here


ALL Parks and Reserves Map (817KB) (1MB)

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North Sydney has some of the most beautiful parks and gardens in Sydney, the best known of which are located on the series of 'points' that jut into the harbour from the North Sydney side.

Bushland in North Sydney is precious. There are several areas of bushland to enjoy. Many of these are on the harbour foreshore, combining places of natural beauty with spectacular views.

The conservation and rehabilitation of North Sydney’s bushland is a high priority for our local community. Certain activities can have damaging impacts on bushland, particularly small, fragmented and highly visited foreshore reserves that occur in North Sydney. In order to help protect our bushland for future generations to enjoy, the following activities are not permitted in Council’s bushland reserves:

  • orienteering; geocaching; rock climbing; abseiling; mountain biking; camping; open fires. 

For more information, contact Council’s Bushland Management Team on 9936 8100.