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NOTICE - Annual Herbicide application

There will be herbicide treatment being applied on all Sportsgrounds beginning from the 25-26 July 2018 (weather pending).

All spraying will be done at night with the target being - Broadleaf and Annual weeds.

Spraying signs will be placed within all sites 24 hours prior to spraying.


Sports fields: Tunks, Primrose, Forsyth, Waverton and Anderson


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North Sydney has some of the most beautiful parks and gardens in Sydney, the best known of which are located on the series of 'points' that jut into the harbour from the North Sydney side.

Bushland in North Sydney is precious. There are several areas of bushland to enjoy. Many of these are on the harbour foreshore, combining places of natural beauty with spectacular views.

The conservation and rehabilitation of North Sydney’s bushland is a high priority for our local community. Certain activities can have damaging impacts on bushland, particularly small, fragmented and highly visited foreshore reserves that occur in North Sydney. In order to help protect our bushland for future generations to enjoy, the following activities are not permitted in Council’s bushland reserves:

  • orienteering; geocaching; rock climbing; abseiling; mountain biking; camping; open fires. 

For more information, contact Council’s Bushland Management Team on 9936 8100.