Bradfield Park

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  • Playground

Playground Significant Features

  • Equipment caters to a broad age range with activities suitable for fewer than fives at one end of the playground and activities suitable for over fives at the other
  • Equipment is low visual impact, but high adventure cable style in a landscaped setting with mature fig trees and rubber under-surfacing
  • Impressive views of harbour and city from this foreshore park located beneath the northern pylons of the harbour bridge
  • Other park features include monthly markets, heritage items and significant tree plantings
  • Park is linked to the Olympic Pool and Luna Park site, and to open space areas along the Kirribilli foreshore

Occupying one of the most spectacular locations in all of Sydney, this modern regional facility offers a shady haven for parents and carers as well as a challenging play environment for children of all ages. The senior cable 'landscape' has flat areas, sloped areas, prisms and vertical climbs as well as overhead strength and lower level balance activities. Younger children can enjoy the smaller scale cable activities, an interesting combination unit, and a family sized seesaw. This fully fenced playground is one of North Sydney's most popular!

Upgraded 2007 


Bradfield Park
Alfred Street South , Milsons Point
  • Many accessible features
  • Playground (fully fenced)
  • Views
  • Dogs permitted - with restrictions
  • Public toilets
  • Seats and/or Picnic Tables
  • Shelter
  • Water fountain

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