Brennan Park

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A popular local park with an attractive sloping bowl-shaped landform and views to the southwest. This park has some lovely mature shade trees and many delightful details including historic rockery gardens and a children's playground sheltering under a sprawling fig tree.


Getting Here

Located in King Street, Wollstonecraft, Brennan Park is a 10 minute walk from either Waverton or Wollstonecraft railway stations. Limited on-street parking is available in the surrounding streets.


Park Features

  • An historic sandstone lichgate marks the entrance to the park on the corner of King Street and Hazelbank Road.

  • Seats, picnic tables, lights, accessible toilets, bitumen paths, depression-era stonework and a custom-designed, daisy-themed playground best-suited to younger children.

  • The Park has some fine specimen trees including Hills Weeping Figs and row plantings of Coral Trees, Phoenix Palms and Brush Boxes.

  • Dogs are welcome in Brennan Park however they are not permitted within 10m of the playground.



Brennan Park was originally part of the Berry Estate. It had been set aside for subdivision when the community (in partnership with Council and Government) purchased the land for use as a public park.

The park was opened by the Hon. B. Stevens, Premier of New South Wales in 1932 and named Brennan Park after Alderman Richard Brennan who was instrumental in creating it. Records indicate that there have been children's play equipment and gardens in Brennan Park since the early 1930s.


Playground Features

  • Playground located beneath a majestic fig tree.
  • Playground has a 'children's garden' theme incorporating daisy motifs in play equipment and in pathway mosaics.
  • Heritage listed park with district views.



Brennan Park playground has a 'Children's Fantasy Garden' theme and consists of a network of child-scale pathways and gardens linking together a number of simple, custom designed play items. A variety of small bridges cross a densely planted 'Clivea River'. To emphasise the Fantasy Garden theme a 'Daisy Motif' has been used throughout the playground.  There are daisy tile mosaics in the concrete path, daisy steering wheel activities on the arch bridge, and daisies in the design details of several other pieces of the play equipment


Brennan Park
Hazelbank Road , Wollstonecraft
  • Dogs permitted - with restrictions
  • Public toilets
  • Seats and/or Picnic Tables
  • Water fountain

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