Brightmore Reserve

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Location: Young Street, Cremorne


Playground features

  • Educational tricycle track suitable for children up to 10 years.
  • Tricycle track simulates the public road system with roundabouts, pedestrian crossings and road signs.
  • Set around the track is a themed play village with service station, row of shops, fire engine and fire station.
  • Set within the track is a fully-fenced play area with swings, slide and spring rocker.
  • New toilets were installed near the track in 2016. Sports fields, barbeques and more toilets are across the road in Primrose Park.



This fabulous simulated road system is popular with both children and their carers.

The site is flat and accessible with shady picnic tables and lots of open lawn area for more informal play.

In 1997 there was a simple bitumen track with roundabouts and zebra crossings. It was a fun, yet educational facility for the under 10’s. This little track became immensely popular and in 2011 the review of the Playgrounds Methodology revealed a strong demand for additional, complementary facilities in this location.

When developing the concept to expand and enhance the existing Tricycle Track, the objective was to use the existing one as a basis for creating a more diverse play space with activities for children who are not on tricycles or bikes.

Council has achieved this objective by creating an exciting child-scale Brightmore Village to complement the miniature roadway system, with a variety of new elements that encourage imaginative and cooperative play including a row of cute sandstone shops, a fire station complete with fire truck and a petrol station where trike riders can 'fill up'.

The new Village also has a small ‘Central Park’ which is a landscaped, fully-fenced and gated junior play area housing traditional play items such as swings, slides and spring rockers all beneath a new shade structure.

Lots of tree planting and landscaping around the upgraded Tricycle Track provide shade to both the Track and the playground, and are a lush green setting where families gather and enjoy this popular facility.


Brightmore Reserve
Young Street , Cremorne
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  • Dogs permitted - with restrictions
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