Cahill Park

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  • Playground

Location: Sophia Street, Crows Nest.


Playground Features

  • Playground most suitable for toddlers featuring a 'wildlife wetland' theme and incorporating life-sized and over-sized rubber animals such as crocodiles, frogs & snakes in a landscaped setting.

  • Fully fenced with a self-closing gate.

  • Surrounded by residential properties.


Cahill Playground is designed to stimulate the imagination of younger children with a 'wildlife wetland' theme. The main slide and deck structure has been constructed to reflect a safari hut, with binoculars looking out over the play space, which is dotted with life-size and over-sized wetland animals including crocodiles, frogs and a snake. Amongst the animals is a play jeep with a steering wheel, gear-stick and more binoculars to view the animals. The jeep is linked to the hut via a talk-tube, so wildlife sightings can be reported in. The playground surrounds are landscaped with thick strappy vegetation and beautiful sandstone edging and parents are afforded a comfortable vantage point from a traditional timber tree seat. This comfortable toddler facility is finished with a traditional picket fence and gate.


Cahill Park
Sofia Street , Crows Nest
  • Playground (fully fenced)
  • Seats and/or Picnic Tables

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