Fred Hutley Reserve Park

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Playground Significant Features

  • Equipment includes a cable climber and a triple-width embankment slide.
  • Playground is heavily landscaped and features native gardens and low retaining walls.
  • Bushland views to suspension bridge and Tunks Park


Fitting comfortably in the corner of Fred Hutley Reserve, this playground has stroller access from Palmer Street. It is surrounded by a low timber retaining wall which functions as both the playground edge and informal seating for parents and carers. Behind this wall, landscaped mounds create a physical barrier between children and the street and soften and screen the playground, creating a relaxed and intimate atmosphere with a range of equipment including a triple embankment slide, spinning poles, traditional roundabout, cable climb structure and swings.

Upgraded 1999


Fred Hutley Reserve Park
Hamilton Avenue , Cammeray
  • Dogs permitted - with restrictions
  • Seats and/or Picnic Tables
  • Water fountain

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