Sirius Street Park

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  • Playground

Playground Significant Features

  • Custom designed, landscaped playground with a subtle nautical theme to reflect the foreshore location.
  • Steeply sloping park links via stairs to Cremorne Reserve and harbour foreshore walk.
  • Harbour views, sandstone outcrops, and large native trees which provide shade.
  • Playground is fenced along Milson Road.


This compact little two-level, playspace features a range of play equipment that caters to all levels of mobility including an all-access swing, a multi-person carriage rocker, a spinning cable pyramid and a custom designed cubby space with a talk-tube that connects with a lookout platform on the lower level.



Sirius Street Park
Milson Road , Cremorne Point
  • Playground (fully fenced)
  • Seats and/or Picnic Tables

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