Bradfield Park Heritage Walk

It's both Heritage Week and National Archaeology Week 15-21 May 2022


Coal Loader

So then how about a tour through the Coal Loader or a self-guided walk down at Bradfield Park?

Join North Sydney Council Historian Dr Ian Hoskins on Friday 27 May for a walk around the Coal Loader where he will be focusing on the industrial textures and material detail of the site.

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Bradfield Park Heritage Walk

Or in your own time, head down to Milson Point and enjoy the Bradfield Park Heritage Walk.

This walk is a self-guided trail from Lavender Street to Burton Street that allows users to learn about the landscape and heritage in a unique way.

Start at Bradfield Park North, near the roundabout, to find the first interpretive sign and make your way down to the eighth and last sign near the Burton Street Tunnel.

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The Bradfield Park Heritage Walk is a self-guided interpretive trail through the heritage-listed Bradfield Park North, from Burton Street to Lavender Street, celebrating the special features of this heritage-listed parkland. The walk enables an intimate experience for the park user combining landscape and heritage settings in a unique and sensitive way. 

The walk traverses past the unique Milsons Point Station entrance and along the Sydney Harbour Bridge approach walls with their Art Deco detailing as designed by JJC Bradfield, Chief Engineer for the Bridge, under treed canopy and past garden plantings set in between the approach wall pilasters, to the footprints of the former houses and businesses of the Milsons Point Community that were knocked down for the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Large swathes of Milsons Point & Kirribilli villages were greatly affected by property resumptions and demolitions for the Bridge. Some 3000 people were affected by the loss of up to 500 homes and shops. The Bradfield Park Heritage Walk commemorates this upheaval to the community, in words, pictures and through physical representation on the surface of the building walls and foundations that remain beneath the park.

The walk was opened for the 75th anniversary of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2007 by the only granddaughter of JJC Bradfield, Ms Shirley Fox (now deceased).


For those interested in more details about the resumptions and demolitions and the impact of the Bridge may wish to view the film documentary: Shifting Old North Sydney - The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Local Community


Heritage Walk signs

After the Bridge Creation of a Park (767KB)

Before the Bridge Estates and Subdivisions (626KB)

Layers of History The Local Landscape (611KB)

Layers of History Building Footprints (503KB)

Layers of History Uncovering the Past (628KB)

Building the Bridge Resumption and Demolition (650KB)

Building the Bridge The Northern Approach (652KB)

Creation of a Park Changes over Time (709KB)


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