Renewals - renew here*

*Renew date extended to 30 April.

Renew your permit and pay online.

The account number is at top right of your Notice (in the format of 0XX.2015.000XXXXX.00X).

Resident Parking Fees


These are the fees for resident parking permits.

The parking permits are valid from 1 April to 31 March,

Renewals are sent out in February.

Depending on when you apply for the permit, we pro-rata the fee to the nearest quarter-year.

Every three months, the fees are reduced by 25%.

Pensioners with an appropriate discount card receive a 50% discount.





1st Permit





1st Motor Bike









2nd Permit





2nd Motor Bike









When purchased in combination with another vehicle, the motorbike/scooter will always be charged as the second permit fee.

No refunds given for previously purchased permits.


Other Permits

Shared Permit Sticker (PLUS applicable standard fee)


Temporary permit for vehicle in repair


Replacement Standard Sticker


Replacement Shared Permit Sticker


Tradesman's Permit

(Maximum 2 weeks)

$97 week

Care Worker Permit (Doctors and/or Care Workers)


Building works temporary permit

(Based on resident parking fees - pro-rata on monthly basis)


Go Get & Pop Car permits - per annum


Visitor Parking Permits

FREE for Aged, TPI (etc) & Veteran Affairs & pensioner concession card holders

$1 Health Card & Seniors Card holders

$2 each