North Sydney History Walks

North Sydney has a remarkable number of beautiful and interesting historical sites to visit, despite the many changes that affected the area in the 20th century and the ongoing pressure of development in more recent times.

This series of History Walks maps introduce locals and visitors to the heritage of North Sydney.

The maps cover much of the area, and are 'circle walks' which will bring you back to, or near to, the starting point.

The closest public transport access points are highlighted.

An indication of accessibility, degree of difficulty and length is given for each walk.

Printed maps are available to purchase as a set of ten for $5 available at Stanton Library and Customer Service.

Or print them out below:

Cammeray (5MB)

Central Business District (2MB)

Cremorne Point (6MB)

Crows Nest (2MB)

Kirribilli (2MB)

Milsons Point (2MB)

Neutral Bay (5MB)

Old North Sydney (2MB)

Waverton (5MB)

Wollstonecraft (5MB)


Walking, besides recreation, is an important part of the transport network. 

Almost everyone travelling to, from and around North Sydney will complete at least part of their journey on foot. For many residents and workers in North Sydney, a wide range of everyday needs can often be found within walking distance of home or work.

We have a well established network of footpaths and pedestrian linkages that provide connection to village centres, open space, services and attractions. The walking North Sydney Map provides details of routes and approximate walking times.

Walking North Sydney app (2014)

Sydway Walker - this app is available for iPhone and iPad


Walking North Sydney map

Walking North Sydney (3MB)


To further encourage walking for transport in North Sydney, Council is working to improve pedestrian accessibility and make North Sydney more ‘walkable’ by upgrading streetscapes and pedestrian amenities. Our projects generally aim look to make it easier, safer and more pleasant to walk between residential areas, village centres and public transport interchanges.


Recreational Walks

Our area has extensive recreational walking trails, where a combination of directional pedestrian signage and location maps will help you find your way. 

Print the pamphlets below or obtain them free from Stanton Library or Customer Service.


Heritage Plaque Walks

McMahons Point to Waverton (350KB)

Cammeray to Lavender Bay (793KB)

Neutral Bay to Kirribilli (468KB)

Military Road to Cremorne Point (628KB)


North Sydney Circle Walks

Milsons Point to Waverton (810KB)

Waverton to Wollstonecraft (751KB)

Wollstonecraft to Suspension Bridge (802KB)

Suspension Bridge to Cremorne Junction (1MB)

Cremorne Junction to Shell Cove (875KB)

Shell Cove to Milsons Point (769KB)

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