Noise Pollution

Neighbourhood noise pollution is a frequent cause of complaints to local councils, the police and the Office of Environment and Heritage website. As a community we have reached some understanding about what levels of noise are acceptable and what levels are not.

Yet how we respond to particular noises may depend on how we feel. What is acceptable to the ear one day can drive us to distraction the next. Recognising how our moods can influence our response helps us to know when others really are behaving unfairly. However, if neighbourhood noise is a genuine problem for you, there are a number of options you can take:


What to Do

  • Solve the problem amicably
  • Lodge a complaint with Council
  • Seek a Noise Abatement Order
  • Keep a noise diary
  • Contact the Police

Who can Help

  • Noise in the community
  • Domestic noise
  • On the spot fines
  • Contact numbers