Living with common mynas

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If you are having problems with common mynas around your property, try the tips below to help reduce numbers. 

  • don’t leave food scraps or pet food outside
  • firmly close rubbish bins
  • shield gutters on your property
  • install automatic door closers and fly screens to prevent birds entering your house
  • install tightly stretched bird mesh to keep birds out of outdoor living areas
  • plant locally indigenous plants to encourage native species
  • lobby your shopping centre, school or railway station to install bird proof bins and roosting barriers
  • monitor Common myna populations around your home and local area, including reporting roost tree locations to Feral Scan.

Recognised as one of the most invasive animals in the world, common mynas compete with native birds and mammals for tree hollows in which to nest and breed. Territorial and highly aggressive, they will eject native birds from nesting hollows and destroy their eggs. Common mynas even evict brush-tail possums and sugar gliders from suitable tree hollows.

For more information, contact Council's Bushland Project Officer via the Customer Service Centre.

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