Report injured wildlife

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If you find an injured or orphaned native animal, contact a wildlife rescue organisation such as Sydney Wildlife Rescue or WIRES. They have phone lines that are staffed 24 hours a day.

When dealing with an injured animal, remember that less is more and first aid is best left to the professionals.

Volunteers from wildlife organisations are specially trained to look after native animals.

However, while waiting for assistance, you should:

  • handle the animal as little as possible to minimise stress
  • keep cats and dogs away
  • transport the animal to a wildlife carer or vet recommended by the rescue organisation, or place a towel or blanket over the animal and gently place it in a box if it’s safe to do so
  • put the box in a warm, quiet and dark room
  • not give it food or water
  • never touch a bat or a snake, but keep in view, and phone Sydney Wildlife Rescue or WIRES immediately.

Once the animal has recovered, the wildlife organisation will return it to its home.

It is against the law to keep native animals taken from the wild if you are not licensed.

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