Coal Loader Artist's Studio

About the Studio space

Large metal gate showing inside into studio space

The Coal Loader Artist's Studio is located in an an out-building located on the grounds of the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability at Balls Head, Waverton in Sydney. 

There is one studio space available. While the studio space is undercover it is part of a row of out-buildings that were formerly workshops and therefore retains is rustic industrial architecture and charm. Prospective applicants should consider the suitability of the space to their medium and working methods before applying. 

  • The successful will have access to the 7 days a week from 8am until 6pm
  • The studio space is lockable (gate and padlock)
  • The walls and floor are brick/concrete
  • There is one window
  • Ample power points
  • Limited public WiFi, although this can be unstable
  • There is no ‘wash up’ space
  • There is no heating or air conditioning
  • The space is approximately 4 x 4 metres

A range of artistic practices will be considered including sculpture, painting, installation etc however due to the close proximity to the Cafe and nature of the site, the following are not permitted:

  • materials that emit toxic fumes, require extraction fans or result in hazardous waste
  • tools and equipment that emit constant loud noise (for example grinders on continuous use) (small hand tools are permitted)

Shared spaces

  • A public toilet is available next to the studio and is open 8am-6pm 7 days per week
  • There is one unisex accessible toilet, shower and baby change room located in the Genia McCaffery Centre open 8am-6pm 7 days per week
  • A communal kitchenette is located in the Genia McCaffery Centre Monday-Friday 9am-4pm and Saturday 10am-4pm (closed public holidays)

Access and parking

Speak to our Arts & Culture team

For further information, please contact Council's Arts and Culture team.

Telephone: 02 9936 8100