Building work on business premises

If you plan to undertake building work on your business premises, erect a new building, or increase existing floorspace, you need to lodge a development application (DA). 

A DA is required to:

  • construct a new building or structure, including outbuildings, swimming pools, and retaining walls
  • add to or alter an existing building
  • demolish a building
  • demolish or alter a building that’s a heritage item or lies within a Heritage Conservation Area
  • change the use of an existing building or premises
  • subdivide land or strata subdivide a building
  • display or construct an advertising sign
  • carry out earthworks, excavation or filling.

Generally, all building and demolition work requires an approval from Council. Two approvals are required for most work – a Development Consent and a Construction Certificate.

Minor works may fall under the category of Complying Development, which only requires a Complying Development Certificate.

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