Installing business signage

If you want to install signage or advertising in the North Sydney area, please check the restrictions listed below to see what signage is permitted and if you need to submit a Development Application (DA). 

Rules for signage on buildings and business premises:

  • no more than one large building and/or business identification sign per building is permitted
  • one directory board is permitted for multiple occupancy buildings
  • signs must not be located where drivers require a higher level of concentration, such as at major intersections
  • illuminated signs must not be positioned on properties fronting laneways between residential and commercial areas
  • only one wall sign per building.

Advertisements not allowed in the North Sydney local government area include:

  • above awning signs
  • flagpole signs (except when applying through Council's banner pole program)
  • inflatable signs
  • moving and flashing signs
  • sandwich boards
  • video or variable message signs
  • roof or sky advertisements, but there may be site-specific circumstances where Council would consider such signage
  • signs larger than 20 square metres or higher than 8 metres, including billboards
  • advertising messages, designs, or bright lighting that may distract motorists
  • signs that obscure a road hazard, oncoming vehicles or pedestrians
  • messages that do not meet the Australian Association of National Advertisers’ Code of Ethics and the Outdoor Media Association’s Code of Ethics
  • advertising of tobacco products in accordance with the Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Act 1992 (amended 1995)
  • advertising of alcohol products is limited to places that sell such products.

Signage is also not permitted in the following areas (apart from development and building identification signs):

  • residential zones R2, R3 and R4
  • conservation zone E2
  • open space and recreational areas RE1 and RE2
  • heritage conservation areas.

To check if you need to submit a Development Application for your signage, refer to:

If you need further guidance, contact Council and ask to speak to a member of the Planning Team or submit a planning enquiry via our online form below. 

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