Register your building cooling tower

Managing a building with a cooling water system

Building occupiers have a number of responsibilities regarding the  management of risks from cooling water systems on their property. If you are the occupier, or are managing a premises on behalf of the occupier, then you must ensure:

  • monthly testing for Legionella and heterotrophic colony count is carried out 
  • high test results for Legionella (≥1000 CFU/mL) and heterotrophic colony count (≥5,000,000 CFU/mL) are reported to Council within 24 hours of receiving the results and the standard notification of reportable test results is form from the NSW Health website is completed and emailed to Council
  • a duly qualified person is engaged to inspect, service and maintain the system
  • a competent person carries out a risk assessment of the system at the required frequency, and a Risk Management Plan (RMP) is obtained documenting the risks and the recommended control strategies
  • compliance with the RMP is audited each year by an independent auditor and an audit report is prepared on time
  • a unique ID number is displayed on each cooling tower on the system
  • operating and maintenance manuals are available for the system
  • records of cleaning, servicing, and maintenance are completed each month in the approved form, and are kept somewhere where they can be easily accessed
  • RMP and audit certificates are submitted to Council on time
  • the installation of a new system, or changes to an existing system (including decommissioning), are promptly notified to Council
  • safe and easy access to the system is maintained.