Aboriginal Heritage Office

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Council helps to conserve and manage approximately 60 Aboriginal sites in the area.

The sites, which are registered with the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service, include middens, occupation sites, rock engravings and rock art. At least one site has been dated at 7,000 years old.

The NPWS maintains a Aboriginal heritage information management system.

Our site management strategies include contributing to that register of all sites, plus making specific recommendations on conservation and management, such as interpretive signage or planting around a site to protect it.

Our development assessment officers here at Council follow now established protocols when dealing with any DA in the vicinity of an Aboriginal site, which further outline ways in which the community can be involved in the care and management of sites.


Aboriginal Heritage Office

To take a regional approach to the protection of Aboriginal sites and cultural heritage across the local government areas of Ku-ring-gai, Lane Cove, North Sydney, Northern Beaches, Strathfield and Willoughby - we work together and support the Aboriginal Heritage Office (AHO).

A key role of the AHO is to promote greater understanding of Aboriginal culture through schools and other groups.

The AHO is in direct contact with the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council and its many resources. It is available to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to discuss issues or concerns.

AHO Annual Reports

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