Lost Bird Found Project

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The Lost Bird Found Project is a creative arts initiative established by North Sydney Council nine years ago to raise awareness about mental health and foster conversations through the creation of handcrafted birds.

Coinciding with Mental Health Month in October, the Lost Bird Found Project is also an opportunity to reflect on our own mental health and wellbeing and understand the importance of good mental health in our everyday lives.

How the project works

In the months leading up to Mental Health Month, handmade birds are created by individuals and groups. Attached to each bird is a signature Lost Bird Found tag with details of the project and links to mental health support services.

Participants are encouraged to follow the Lost Bird Found Project on Facebook, share images of their birds online and help spread the message.

Where the birds come from

Community organisations and groups, as well as individuals, host workshops to handcraft each unique bird.

If you would like to get involved in the Lost Bird Found Project or set up your own bird making workshop please register below and we will send you the Lost Bird Found Toolkit to help get you started.

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