Georgia Lamb

Georgia Lamb

Georgia has visited and stayed with family in North Sydney since she was 15 years old and has always admired the beauty, diversity and superior public transportation of North Sydney. She chose to move here full time to pursue her higher education in Sydney.

Georgia currently attends UNSW studying Social Research and Policy course and is researching Social Policy from local to federal government, focusing on how environmental development shapes the human life experience. This paired with the multiple administrative roles and internships Georgia has completed in Sydney and Adelaide means Georgia is focused on space management and how to integrate the natural environment into human lives. The goal is to enhance human interaction with nature with our limited space provided, using international academic green movements as inspiration.

Georgia enjoys the arts, gardening and walks around the suburbs - especially during lockdown. She is determined to protect North Sydney’s green spaces from overdevelopment and overuse, and to expand it for public use where possible.

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Ward: Cammeraygal Ward

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