Ian Mutton

Ian Mutton

Ian Mutton is the Practice Director of a Sydney-based law firm specialising in contract related matters and competition and product liability laws. He assists with the development and implementation of programs aimed at ensuring compliance with the competition and product liability laws.

Separate to the law firm, he assists companies to list and implement systems that are intended to ensure ongoing compliance with the listing rules and regulatory requirements.

Following admission to practice law and before assuming the position of Practice Director in 2016, he spent:

  1. a decade with the Commonwealth Crown Solicitor on continuous secondment to the (then) Trade Practices Commission and occasional secondment to an inter-department committee responsible for containing product liability exposure;

  2. a decade and a half devising and implementing product liability defence and asset protection strategies in Australia, New Zealand and the US, and five years managing relations for a Northern Ireland based energy start-up company with governments and regulators based in Belfast, Westminster and Brussels;

  3. a decade devising and implementing competition law and product liability related governance and training programs for companies in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

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