Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan

Our Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2020 (LICP) outlines how Council will levy contributions for development that generates increased demand upon our infrastructure and facilities.

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This plan includes a levy of 1% on all development that exceeds $100,000 in construction costs, including residential alterations and additions.

The Plan will provide valuable income for Council to meet the growing needs and changing demographics of the community. The estimated growth in the LGA up until 2036 includes 11,902 new residents and 16,746 new workers.

Approximately $195 million will be raised over the 16-year life of the plan and will be used to service almost half of the $401 million works program identified in the Plan.

Items on the works program relate to significant contributions to public domain areas, open space and recreation facilities, active transport and community facilities. This will enable Council to provide an important income stream to assist with the delivery of local infrastructure to meet growth in the community.

The plan has been developed in accordance with s7.11 and s7.12 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Plan Amendments

Amendment 1

Council at its meeting on 28 June 2021, resolved to endorse an amendment to the North Sydney Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2020 for the purposes of public exhibition. Furthermore, they resolved THAT if no submissions are received, the draft Plan amendment be finalised and adopted.

Specifically, the amendment proposed that section 1.3.3 ‘Development affected by the plan’ of the North Sydney Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2020 be modified to read as follows:

1.3.3 Development affected by the plan

This plan applies to the following development types:

(a) residential accommodation development that would result in a net increase in residents dwellings on the land (Type (a) development)

(b) non-residential development that would result in a net increase in workers on the land (Type (b) development)

(c) development types apart from (a) or (b) where the proposed cost of development is more than $100,000. (Type (c) development).

The amendment was on public exhibition 19 July - 16 August 2021 during which no submissions were received on the matter.

As per Council’s resolution, the Amendment has been finalised and is published 20 October 2021 and is considered to be formally adopted.