Brightmore Reserve - Parks, playgrounds and sportsgrounds

Brightmore Reserve
Park, Playground, Bushland Reserve

In Brightmore Reserve young bike, trike or scooter riders get to practise their skills at Cremorne’s much-loved tricycle track. It’s a chance for kids to have fun while pretending to ride on a road. This educational tricycle track simulates the public road system with roundabouts, pedestrian crossings and road signs. It suits children up to 10 years of age.

In the middle of the tricycle track is a play-village with a small Central Park that is landscaped, fully fenced and has a gated junior play area with swings, slides and spring rockers. These are all beneath a shade structure.

There are bubblers located in the park.

For exact locations of dog tidy bag dispensers, look at the dog tidy bag map.

Getting there and parking
Brightmore Reserve is best accessed by car, or is a medium-length walk from Military Rd.
Plan of Management