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Resourcing Strategy
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The Resourcing Strategy focuses on long-term financial planning, long-term asset management planning and medium-term workforce management planning.

It is the critical link between the Community Strategic Plan and the Delivery Program, detailing the provision of resources required to implement strategies established by the Community Strategic Plan for which Council is responsible.

While the Resourcing Strategy is a fixed term plan, it is a living document that is reviewed annually in conjunction with preparation of the annual Operational Plan and Budget.

The Resourcing Strategy consists of three inter-related parts:

  • Long Term Financial Plan
    • reflects our financial capacity to deliver the strategies, initiatives and works identified in our Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) plans as well as the suite of supporting plans and strategies such as Masterplans.
    • It ensures that we have a financially sustainable long term plan in place to manage financial risks and optimise opportunities while delivering the community’s aspirations.
  • Asset Management Strategy
    • includes our Asset Management Policy, and outlines the framework we use to manage our infrastructure including a suite of comprehensive Asset Management Plans for each asset type.
  • Workforce Plan
    • analyses our workforce, forecasts future gaps and identifies the skills we need now and in the future.
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