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Age Management Plan
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Our Age Management Plan has been developed to provide strategies to guide the Council and its employees through workforce and demographic change, transforming the career experience of people of all ages and all stages to create their future.

The Age Management Plan is introducing specific strategies for matured aged workers, as well as other employees, and by doing so will help to mitigate the following risks:

  • career progression blockages and ceilings for staff in early to mid-career
  • productivity plateaus in late career
  • limited access to new ideas and skills
  • loss of critical skills and knowledge
  • escalating loss to retirement leading to high replacement cost of skilled employees in critical roles
  • impact on customer relations and legacy account knowledge
  • manager’s reluctance to have crucial conversations about late career and transition to retirement plans with team members, leading to uncertainty regarding intentions
  • employees retiring prematurely or not retiring at all.

Council intends to address both exit and retention of matured age workers, based on the role and the employee needs. To help Council attain this, this plan will drive:

  • targeted retention and attrition while realising the associated cost savings
  • identification and exchange of critical knowledge and reduction in risk
  • heightened engagement and productivity amongst mature aged workers – sending a strong cultural signal to future workforce generations that Council is a supportive and inclusive employer.