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Delegations of Authority
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Council may, by resolution, delegate to the General Manager or any other person or body (not including another employee of the Council) any of the functions of the Council, other than the following:

  • the appointment of a general manager
  • the making of a rate
  • a determination under Section 549 as to the levying of a rate
  • the making of a charge
  • the fixing of a fee
  • the borrowing of money
  • the voting of money for expenditure on its works, services or operations
  • the compulsory acquisition, purchase, sale, exchange or surrender of any land or other property (but not including the sale of items of plant or equipment)
  • the acceptance of tenders which are required under this Act to be invited by the Council
  • the adoption of a management plan (under Section 406)
  • the adoption of a financial statement included in an annual financial report
  • a decision to classify or reclassify public land under Division 1 of Part 2 of Chapter 6
  • the fixing of an amount or rate for the carrying out by the Council of work on private land
  • the decision to carry out work on private land for an amount that is less than the amount or rate fixed by the Council for the carrying out of any such work
  • the review of a determination made by the Council, and not by a delegate of the Council, of an application for approval or an application that may be reviewed under Section 82A of the Environmental planning and Assessment Act 1979
  • the review of a determination of an application for approval
  • the power of the Council to authorise the use of reasonable force for the purpose of gaining entry to premises under Section 194
  • a decision under Section 356 to contribute money or otherwise grant financial assistance to persons
  • the making of an application, or the giving of a notice, to the Governor or Minister Delegations of Authority adopted by Council 4 December 2017
  • this power of delegation.
  • any function under this or any other Act that is expressly required to be exercised by resolution of the Council.

Council may, by resolution, sub-delegate to the general manager or any other person or body (not including another employee of the council) any function delegated to the council by the Director-General except as provided by the instrument of delegation to the council.