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North Sydney Skate Plaza
Skate Plaza

The Skate Plaza attracts all ages of skaters, skateboarders, scooter riders and parkour enthusiasts. 

An upgrade in 2020 sealed the skate park surface so there are no joins, added anti-graffiti paint and installed a new skate element. 

Please be aware that there are no lights at night. 

Significant features include:

  • variety of angled ramps, grinding edges and bars 

  • suitable for skateboard, scooter, roller blade, other wheeled recreation and a bit of parkour 

  • a thick-beam patio provides shade

  • tree cover and water bubbler 

  • adjoins Cammeray Park synthetic turf sporting field and Cammeray Golf Course 

  • tennis courts and croquet lawns nearby

Getting there and parking
There is limited parking in Ernest Street, right in front of the skate plaza. Or you can catch a bus to the Big Bear shopping centre on Military Road and walk over.