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See the sculpture at the Inside Outside Sculpture Plinth in Ted Mack Civic Park until the end of April.

'Forests of Carbon' is part of an ongoing collaboration artwork between artists Belinda Piggott and Helen Earl. The work represents the powerful role that forests of trees and seaweed play in mitigating climate change by sequestering carbon. The artwork embeds itself in the surrounding parkland of the Ted Mack Civic Park inviting viewers to reflect on the urgency for collective action to protect our planet's natural resources.

In 2021 Helen Earl and Belinda Piggott discovered they had been working with similar materials and concepts.

Taking cues from their respective local environments Helen works with plant material and Belinda with kelp.

Both artists also explore ideas inspired by natural environments and human-induced changes within ecosystems.

The Inside Outside Sculpture plinth is a unique exhibition space located in Ted Mack Civic Park. Sculptures and installations are displayed and changed on a regular basis.

Contact Council's Arts & Culture Team by emailing to discuss exhibition opportunities.