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An exhilarating tale of corruption and betrayal unfolding against the backdrop of a town ravaged by fire.

Book cover for Smoke by Michael Brissenden

In the wake of a devastating wildfire that ravages the town of Jasper in the Californian Sierras, a grim discovery unfolds within the charred remains of a shed.

Initially dismissed as a tragic accident, the apparent open-and-shut case takes a chilling turn upon closer inspection – revealing the victim was deliberately locked in from the outside.

Returning to Jasper years after her departure, Detective Alex Markov finds herself entangled in the shadows of an LAPD corruption probe. Convinced that the deceased, a family friend, fell prey to opportunistic murder amidst the chaos of the fire, Alex becomes determined to expose the truth.

As the smoke begins to dissipate, Alex unravels a web of corruption entrenched in the town’s core. Yet, the cost of revealing this crookedness threatens to shatter not only her own life but also the lives of those she holds dear. . Faced with the dilemma of turning a blind eye to the pervading corruption or confronting the truth, Alex must decide whether to risk everything for justice.

About the author

Michael Brissenden was a journalist and foreign correspondent with the ABC for thirty-five years. He was posted to Moscow, Brussels and Washington, and worked in Canberra for many years in various roles including as the political editor for ABC TV’s 7.30 and as a reporter with the ABC’s investigative television documentary program Four Corners. Through his reporting, Michael has covered bushfires both in Australia and overseas, including in California.

He has published three previous books.

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