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Explore the beauty of underwater forests through an immersive exhibition in the historic Tunnel One at the Coal Loader.

Underwater forests of seaweed, known as kelp, cover more than one third of our world’s coastlines, and live right next door to 750 million people. Within their sunken branches, sea dragons still roam, sea otters hunt for urchins, families learn how to sustainably harvest from the sea, and people find new connections to the oceans.

Explore these 'forgotten forests' at the first ever Kelp Forest Photo Awards and discover a wild and wonderful world just off your local beach. Featuring more than 350 submissions from 17 countries around the world, the awards celebrate these incredible ecosystems, the life they support, and the people who depend on them for their wellbeing. Find yourself lost amongst the golden swaying branches of the kelp and reimagine your relationship with the ocean.

Open daily from 10am to 3pm, Saturday 13 to Sunday 28 July. Free entry.

Photo: Amy Lawson