Food business premises registration and information

Register food business premises

To operate a food business in the North Sydney area, you must first register with Council.

Please note, you cannot prepare food for sale at home unless you have a Complying Development Certificate or Development Consent. If you do not have Council consent to prepare food for sale at home, you must rent or use a commercial kitchen.

If you want to alter the design or layout of your food premises, refer to this Food Premises - Design, Construction and Fit-out Guide.

To register your food business, you will need to supply the following information about your business:

  • name of business owner
  • business address 
  • type of business
  • type of food 
  • name of your Food Safety Supervisor, if required
  • location of all food premises used by your business.

You must also notify us of any changes to your business details or of a change of ownership.

Register your food business

Failure to register your food business may result in a Penalty Infringement Notice (fine).

Please note, all food businesses will be charged an annual administration fee. 

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