Free food safety and food allergy training

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Our 'I'm Alert' free food safety training program, provided in partnership with Environmental Health Australia, helps food handlers develop the required skills and knowledge to ensure food is handled in a safe and hygienic manner.

To access the training, you will need to set up an online account and select North Sydney Council as the organisation you are training with.

Sign up for the free 'I'm Alert' food safety training

A training acknowledgement form can be printed upon completion and be kept as a part of your staff records.

Food businesses must ensure all staff members have the appropriate skills and knowledge in food safety and hygiene, and that all staff are informed of their health and hygiene responsibilities under Food Safety Standard 3.2.2 (Clauses 13-15).

The Standard includes:

  • being aware of general food safety and hygiene requirements
  • regularly cleaning and sanitising the premises
  • providing a hand basin in the kitchen and toilet with warm water, soap and paper towels
  • maintaining correct temperature controls for hot and cold high-risk foods, including the use of a probe thermometer
  • having a cleaning and pest control schedule
  • appropriate food-grade packaging 
  • a staff illness policy that excludes sick workers from the workplace.

The NSW Food Authority has more information and resources for food businesses.