Guidelines for your Occupy Council Road and Footpath Permit

Apply for an Occupy Council Road and/or Footpath Permit

Traffic Guidance Schemes

Council needs to know what work you are undertaking and where you are working at all times. Your application should correlate with your Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS). 

If your works are moving along the road or footpath over several days, then several TGS’s should be lodged with your application showing what dates you are standing where.

The amount of space you are allowed to occupy will depend on the TGS submitted with your application.

Road versus footpath permits

If you have a road permit you can use the footpath for free during works as long as it remains open.

If you have a road permit and are closing the footpath, Council will charge you footpath occupancy fees.

If you only have a permit to use the footpath, then you cannot use the road at all.


The number of parking spaces you can use depends on how many are requested and approved.

You can reserve parking the day before however, these spaces must be paid for. Reservation of parking spaces are charged on a ‘per day’ basis as per the fee schedule. Metered parking spaces cost more.

Only machinery or work vehicles (such as concrete trucks or delivery trucks) can park in these paid spaces. Your personal vehicles or utes are not allowed.


For applications where you will need to excavate or dig into any council infrastructure, restoration fees will apply. If restoration is completed to council standards, you may request a refund of the restoration costs – dependant on inspection from council.

If you need to excavate around parking meters for utility works, please include the parking meter team on any emails to the permits officer at least two weeks prior to works. Otherwise, fines may apply for any liable damages caused to parking meters. Their email is

Permitted truck sizes

  • No truck and trailer can be used in the North Sydney LGA
  • Small Rigid Vehicles are 6.4m in length
  • Medium Rigid Vehicles are 8.8m in length
  • Heavy Rigid Vehicles are 12.5m in length
  • Anything over 12.5m in length requires specific approval with truck routes/swept paths
  • More than 19m requires NHVR approval plus route/swept paths

Road closure applications

Road closures require a completed application including payment of relevant fees with a minimum 25 business days notice to Council. Transport for NSW requires 25 business days notice. Residents must be notified 7 business days prior and again 2 business days prior to works commencing.

Normal construction hours

Normal construction hours are:

  • 7am - 5pm weekdays
  • 8am - 1pm Saturday
  • No works Sunday

You can work outside of normal construction hours if it is due to public safety, but not on Sundays and not for concrete pours.

Date changes

If you need to change the date of an approved application due to weather or other impacts, a new application is required. Changes of dates require Council to assess any impacts the new date has on other scheduled activities within the area that may be affected, as well as to ensure all relevant stakeholders and residents are notified.

Council must be notified by midday, the day of the approved permit if the works will not proceed.

Booking suppliers and contractors

Make sure suppliers and contractors are available for the date you are applying for.

Permit conditions

You are required to comply with your permit conditions or the permit can be revoked at any time by Council officers. If works continue without a permit, you may be subject to regulatory actions including fines or orders to stop works.