Submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)

All owners of buildings categorised Class 2 (multi-unit residential buildings) to Class 9 (public buildings) under the Building Code of Australia must submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS).

The statement confirms that an accredited practitioner (fire safety) has assessed, inspected and verified the performance of each fire safety measure that applies to the building.

Submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement

To submit an AFSS, you need to:

  1. check the due date for your building Annual Fire Safety Statement
  2. complete a NSW Government Fire Safety Statement
  3. submit it via Council's online form
  4. complete payment, as per our current fees and charges
  5. provide a copy of your Annual Fire Safety Statement to the Fire Commissioner
  6. display a copy in the building the AFSS relates to, in a prominent position.

Council may issue a Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) fine if an AFSS is not submitted within 12 months of the last one.

You can contact our Customer Service Centre and ask to speak to a Fire Safety Officer to find out when the last AFSS was submitted. 

Class 1a buildings do not need an AFSS

Single dwelling houses classified as Class 1a under the Building Code of Australia do not need to submit an AFSS. 

These include single dwelling houses, terraces, or villa houses.  

Ask Council or a Building Surveyor if you are unsure whether this classification applies to your property.

New developments

A Fire Safety Certificate can be issued as an interim document upon the completion of new building work.

The certificate confirms that all the fire safety measures that apply to a new building have been installed and checked by a properly qualified person. This process helps verify that the required fire safety measures can perform to a minimum standard.

A Fire Safety Certificate must use a NSW government Fire Safety Certificate template found on their website

The owner of a building, or the owner's agent needs to provide a Fire Safety Certificate to the development Principal Certifier (a local Council or Private Certifier) when submitting an application for an Occupation Certificate.

A copy of the Fire Safety Certificate also needs to be given to the Fire Commissioner and displayed in the building in a prominent position. 

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