Trees in Development Applications


The location and type of tree or vegetation in the vicinity of a development, both on the subject site and on adjoining land (within five metres of the boundaries of the subject site), must be detailed in any Development Application.

The Development Application should also aim to adhere to the following Council principles:

  • existing trees should be retained and incorporated into proposed developments wherever the existing trees are of appropriate species and have an adequate life expectancy
  • where trees are identified to be retained, they must be protected during construction in accordance with best practice
  • an arborist's report is required to be submitted with any development application where works are proposed within five metres of a tree, or where Council deems the vegetation on site is significant enough to warrant such a report
  • where an existing tree(s) are approved for removal as part of a development, adequate space in the landscaped area is to be provided for a replacement canopy tree or trees appropriate to the site and scale of development.
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