Adopt a plot

Adopt-a-Plot is a unique Bushcare community engagement program that allows residents, individuals, and corporate volunteer groups to get involved with the rehabilitation of degraded bushland areas in the North Sydney LGA.

Participants can contribute in two ways:

  1. they may volunteer to work alongside the Adopt-a-Plot Supervisor for three hours per month,
  2. or make an annual donation matched by North Sydney Council’s Environmental Levy, to have a qualified bush regenerator maintain a plot of bushland.

Participants are guided by annual work plans that aim to rehabilitate bushland habitat by referencing the nearest know bushland remnant, enhancing linkages within the landscape and thereby aiding the movement of wildlife.

Benefits of participation include:

  • learning to identify a range of local weeds
  • develop safe and effective weed removal techniques
  • gain experience in identifying local native plants
  • contribute to the wider conservation of remnant flora and fauna for future generations.


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To find out more about joining Bushcare or the Adopt a Plot program, please contact our Bushcare Officer.

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