Citizenship ceremonies

We are proud to assist you in the final steps to becoming an Australian citizen.


Although Council hosts the ceremonies, decisions on applications and ceremony dates are determined by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

Please contact the DHA citizenship info line on 131 881 or visit the DHA website with any questions.


Hutley Hall (and Council Chambers) are located at North Sydney Council, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney.

Waiting time to attend a ceremony

The waiting time to attend a ceremony is appoximately 6 months. 

Attending a citizenship ceremony

  • Citizenship ceremonies are compulsory

    Attending your citizenship ceremony is compulsory. Candidates need to make their Pledge in order to validate their citizenship and receive their certificate.

    Children aged 16 years and under are not legally required to attend the ceremony, though they are welcome to attend and participate where possible. If a child does not attend, then the parent whom the child is registered under can collect the certificate on their behalf at the ceremony.

    Ceremonies are held on a monthly basis in the Hutley Hall, Council Chambers

  • Letters of invitation

    The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) sends you a letter of invitation normally three weeks prior to the ceremony telling you the date and time of your ceremony. The application process is lengthy and you may have a waiting time of between three to six months from your approval until you attend a ceremony.

  • Preparing for your citizenship ceremony

    All candidates must arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony so they can register and obtain their seat number.

    Please bring your invitation letter from the Department of Home Affairs to assist with identification, as well as current Australian photo identification such as a Driver’s Licence or passport. If you do not have photo identification please bring at least three documents bearing your name, address and signature. Examples include bank statements, credit card statements or bills.

    These documents are also required as proof of identification by the Australian Electoral Commission, whose representatives will be present at the ceremony, to allow you to vote in Australian elections.

  • General information on citizenship ceremony

    Length of ceremony

    It generally takes from 45 minutes to one hour. 


    You are permitted to bring three guests to citizenship ceremonies.


    As the ceremony is a very special moment, we would love you to have a photograph to remember the day. Please bring your phone/camera to the ceremony and you can have a photo taken with the Mayor.


    The ceremony is conducted in the Council Chambers which can be accessed by a ramp from the carpark at the rear of the main building. Please contact us if you need assistance on 02 9936 8100.

Becoming an Australian citizen

For more information on eligibility and applying for Australian citizenship, contact the DHA citizenship info line or visit their website.

Telephone:131 880