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Public wifi is available in the library for everyone. Library membership is not required to access the wifi.


Public computers

We offer self-serve public computers with internet and word processing free of charge. You do not need to be a member to use our computers.

PCs are available for up to two hours per day.

PCs are unavailable five minutes before the library closes.


Book a computer

Use your library membership details to book a computer in the library before you arrive.

To book and use a computer, customers need a library membership and password or a guest ticket.

Book a computer


Using the computers

All our computers have the following software installed:

  • Web browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Edge
  • Microsoft Office products: Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Basic Windows applications.

You must read and follow our conditions of use for computers at the start of your session.

If you wish to listen to audio on the computers, bring your own earphones or headphones.

Computers will automatically log off at the end of the session. All files need to be saved to your cloud account or a USB stick.

Library computers and wifi conditions of use

Inappropriate use of the internet may result in access being cancelled and further action being taken.

Stanton Library operates under the NSW Library Act 1939 and all its regulations and amendments.

These guidelines apply to all public internet users at the library:

  • users must follow all directions given by library staff
  • we have no control over the internet; content may be offensive to others
  • we strongly advise against placing personal information – particularly banking details – on publicly accessible computers. This includes the computers in our library. We take no responsibility and have no control over the security of any information users place on the internet
  • users must follow all relevant laws including copyright and licensing agreements.

The internet must not be used for:

  • displaying pornographic, obscene, offensive or other material considered to be bad taste 
  • displaying material or any act that may incite hatred or violence    
  • any illegal act or related material.
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