Kids library card

Visit the library and get your child their very own kids' only library card

For many kids, signing up for their first library card can be very special. And to celebrate such moments, we are launching our brand new kids-exclusive library card!

This unique card features a fun character named Squawki-Squawki Booknibblus, also known as the Lesser-Spotted Bookeater cockatoo, designed by award-winning author and illustrator Philip Bunting.

There are many benefits of kids having their own library card:

  • Gives your child a sense of belonging – the library is their space, and with the card they become part of the club!
  • Teaches responsibility
  • Provides a fun card to store in their purse or wallet

And best of all, it is completely free!

Our kids' library card works the same as a regular library card, and allows children to access books, DVDs, music, online educational games and reading, and kids' library programs.

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