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The Native Havens program offers free assistance to residents who wish to help the environment by using local indigenous plants in their garden. It doesn't matter how large or small your garden is – even balconies and courtyards can be native havens!  

Native plants serve many useful purposes apart from looking good and being environmentally friendly. They provide food, shelter and nesting materials for our native animals while reducing water consumption in the garden.

The North Sydney area is still home to many native animals, despite having just under 49 hectares of bushland remaining - less than 5% of what was once abundant with native fauna and flora.

Each garden that includes local native plants increases the resources available to wildlife and helps create linkages they can travel through to connect with larger areas of habitat. Wildlife corridors that bridge across private and public land are vital for the long-term conservation of native species in our area.  

Home gardens that feature a variety of vegetation types and heights, as well as garden elements like fresh water and hollow logs, can increase the value and effectiveness of these linkages. Our Plant Local guide includes tips for creating a wildlife habitat garden.

Hundreds of residents have been creating native havens on their properties.

If you would like to get involved, Council can provide you with:

  • free local native plants suitable for your garden
  • tips to improve habitat features
  • identification of remnant native plants
  • advice on effective weed control
  • ongoing support.

Nestboxes are also available from Council's Customer Service Centre to provide additional habitat in your garden.

Watch our Bushland Team and local resident Robyn discuss the benefits of the Native Havens program:


Contact Bushland Project Officer

To find out more about the Native Havens or Wildlife Watch citizen science program, contact our Bushland Project Officer Karina Hanemann.

Telephone: 02 9936 8252

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