Tree vandalism in Forsyth Park

Sign displaying 'trees shouldn't die for a view' hung in bushland with city skyline in background

A serious incident of tree vandalism has occurred in Forsyth Park, Neutral Bay.

A few weeks ago, Council became aware of a serious incident of tree vandalism where the last rainforest  Acacia maidenii (Maidens Wattle) growing in the bushland of Forsyth Park had its entire upper crown cut down.  

The felled tree was more than 25 metres tall and has decimated a significant area  of regenerated bushland on the volunteer Bushcare site, crushing establishing native plants and  setting site progress back by at least ten years. The loss of such a significant part of the reserve’s remnant canopy will result in further weed intrusion (resulting from increased light-levels) and prevents the planned removal of near-by exotic canopy trees.

In response to the incident, Council has installed a large banner as close to the site of canopy loss as possible. The sign reads: “Trees shouldn’t die for a view”.

Council has, in the case of the tree at Forsyth Park, documented the incident, written to surrounding residents and is door knocking and continuing investigations. Council takes tree vandalism very seriously.  

The community is encouraged to report any tree vandalism they witness.  A $10,000 reward is offered for information leading to a successful prosecution. Tree vandalism is an offence under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (1979) and can incur a penalty of up to $1.1 million.

Published: 14 August 2023