Work to begin on John Street waterfront access

Stairs leading to water

Work to upgrade the stairs leading to the waterfront at John Street, Waverton began on Monday 6 November.

There will be no access to the waterfront during the upgrade work, which will take about three weeks to complete. As a result, notice has been posted at the site and delivered to local residents’ letterboxes advising that all watercraft currently sitting at the site should be removed before Monday 6 November.  

This work is part of Council’s plans to protect the fragile foreshore environment at the site. Unfortunately, watercraft stored haphazardly at the site have been causing damage to the foreshore and impeding access along the rock platform. As a result, Council is planning to install attachment points for small watercraft after the new stairs are complete.

Boat owners will need a permit to use the new attachment points. Over summer, Council will begin a formal notification process to identify the owners of all dinghies and kayaks currently stored at John Street, and advertise the new storage arrangement. Priority will be given to vessel owners who are identified through this process.

After this, no watercraft will be allowed to be left at the site without a permit for an attachment point.

The new storage arrangements will ensure that watercraft owners and the wider community can safely and conveniently access the site.

Published: 3 November 2023