Gas is gone at the Coal Loader

Image showing induction cooktop and electric appliances in a commercial kitchen

The Coal Loader is now an all-electric site, with the last of our gas operations gone.

The soon to be re-opened Coal Loader café now sports a brand new, all-electric commercial kitchen – the first café in North Sydney to be fully retrofitted with induction cooking.

The majority of daytime energy used at the Coal Loader is generated from onsite solar, with excess energy generated stored in our battery. Additional energy needed overnight comes from a 100% renewable energy contract (as it does for all North Sydney Council assets). That, combined with all our heating needs being met by electrical heat pumps, means that the Coal Loader now operates off 100% clean energy.

North Sydney Council is on a mission to electrify, aiming for all Council facilities to be all-electric by 2030.

Published: 10 April 2024