Get it fixed at the Coal Loader

A man sitting at a table, wearing a glove and with various tools, fixing a pair of secateurs.

Free repairs of household items will continue at the Fix-It Hub, a free repair workshop held at the Coal Loader in Waverton.

The monthly workshop is here to stay following a hugely successful six-month trial period.

The Fix-It Hub, run in collaboration with the Sydney Library of Things, aims to reduce landfill and facilitate the circular economy by encouraging the community to fix an item before throwing it away and buying a new one.

Community members can book an appointment for a Saturday workshop, bring their item into the Coal Loader and have it fixed by a team of volunteer ‘fixers’ from the Sydney Library of Things – all for free.

From November 2023 through to May 2024, 182 items were brought in for fixing, with an 80% repair success rate.

Mayor Zoë Baker said: “Council is proud to host the Fix-It Hub at the Coal Loader, as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our community to transition to more sustainable ways of living. The huge popularity of the service shows our community is engaged and keen to take steps to reduce their environmental impact. We’re grateful to the wonderful volunteers who make it all happen.”

Items for repair vary greatly and have included toasters, lamps, hair irons, articles of clothing, umbrellas, chairs, toys, gardening tools and electronic items.

One customer rescued an expensive Dyson vacuum cleaner from a kerbside clean-up. The fixers checked it over and replaced the battery, and it was as good as new. 

After the success of the trial, the Fix-It Hub will continue to be rolled out over the coming year with workshops on the second Saturday of the month, from 10.30am to 1pm, in the Mess Hall at the Coal Loader. Bookings are essential.

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Published: 13 June 2024