Sponsor a Council event

NTH SYD lunch club

We are seeking expressions of interest from organisations that would like to sponsor major events, concerts, markets and festivals in 2023.

Our events are excellent opportunities to promote your brand to residents in the North Sydney local government area.

Sponsorship may be as simple as donating a prize for a competition through to naming rights for a major event.

Benefits provided to sponsors will be determined by the value of the sponsorship in dollar terms, the length of the sponsorship and the type of asset, service, function or program being sponsored.

Sponsorship is welcome from a broad range of organisations, with the exception of those selling tobacco, addictive drugs, products harmful to health or products in conflict with Council’s policies and responsibilities to the community.

Some of the events scheduled for 2023 where sponsorship would be accepted are:

  • Twilight Food Fair
  • North Sydney Art Prize
  • the Garden Competition
  • New Years Eve (venue sponsorship only)
  • NTH SYD events
  • Sustainability Fair
  • Bushcare events
  • and events held at Council’s facilities, including events at Stanton Library, North Sydney Oval, and the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability.

For more information, or to register interest as a sponsor, please phone Council’s Manager Communications & Events on (02) 9936 8120 or email commsevents@northsydney.nsw.gov.au

Published: 7 March 2023