North Sydney Oval Conditions of Entry

North Sydney Oval is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all patrons. In support of this, the following Conditions of Entry will be enforced which at times may also be supplemented by additional specific conditions of entry required by a hirer or thef Venue.

In these conditions:

Authorised person means any of North Sydney Council, North Sydney Oval or hirer and their respective management, staff, officials, representative, officers and volunteers.

Conditions means the terms and conditions set out in this document together with any amendments or updates to those documents issued by or on behalf of North Sydney Council from time to time.

Venue means the entire premises of North Sydney Oval including all areas controlled by the Venue owner or hirer and all entrance and exit gates as well as all other official installations and areas.

Application of these conditions:

I agree that these Conditions are an enforceable contract between North Sydney Council and the person possessing, holding or using a ticket, or entering the venue with permission from the venue or hirer.

I agree that I will fulfil and comply with and cause each person under the age of 18 years of age (or otherwise incapable of giving consent) entering the Venue with me to be aware of, fulfil and comply with, these conditions.

Venue entry and requirements:

North Sydney Council does not guarantee protection from the elements or weather from any seat within the venue and I acknowledge and accept that I am required to take appropriate care for my sun protection and hydration and for the sun protection and hydration of persons under my care.

I acknowledge that entry to the venue is only permitted where I agree to be searched (including my bags, clothes or other possessions) on entry; and my continued presence in the venue is only permitted for so long as I agree to be searched (including my bags, clothes or other possessions) whenever requested by an authorised person. If I refuse to be searched by an authorised person or I am found to have in my possession any prohibited or restricted items described in these conditions, I may be removed from the venue at the discretion of North Sydney Council or any other authorised person and without any refund or compensation of any kind.

I acknowledge that I may not bring in or possess the following in the venue and understand that I will be evicted from the venue should I be caught with: 

  • any article that is, or an authorised person considers or identifies as being, offensive, dangerous, hazardous and/or illegal or that may be used or that may be expected to be used as a weapon or a missile or that may compromise or otherwise interfere with the enjoyment, comfort or safety of (or pose a hazard to) any person or security at the venue;
  • alcohol, glass, sharp knives, firearms, weapons, fireworks, animals (other than service animals)
  • certain types of BYO camping chairs. The grounds curator does not permit “pointy leg” chairs that will peg or dig into the pitch/have an adverse impact to the pitch. These will be confiscated upon entry at the discretion of Security and Management and can be collected at the end of the event.
  • stadium horn (including without limitation, a vuvuzela or caxirola), loud hailer or similar device
  • any camera tripods, monopods, lenses with a total focal strength of greater than 200mm or commercial digital video equipment
  • any mobile phones or smart phones (including iPhones, Androids, etc.) or photographic, video or sound recording equipment (including lenses and digital video equipment) for any purpose other than private, non-commercial and non-promotional purposes

I acknowledge that a person who is considered by an authorised person to be affected by the consumption of alcohol or drugs in any way may, in any authorised person's sole discretion, be refused entry to, or evicted from, the venue. If I am refused admission to, or evicted from, the venue by any authorised person because considered to be affected by the consumption of alcohol or drugs in any way, I will not be entitled to any refund or compensation of any kind.

I acknowledge that a person found to have entered the venue unlawfully may in any authorised person’s sole discretion, be evicted from the venue.

I must comply with the law. I must not conduct myself in a way that results in North Sydney Council or any authorised person breaching the law. I will at all times comply with all instructions from any authorised person and all police officers and security officers. If I fail to comply with any instructions from an authorised person, police officer or security officer, I may be refused admission to, or be evicted from the venue, by any authorised person, police officer or security officer without refund or compensation of any kind. I acknowledge that the failure to comply with an instruction may breach legislation and I may be subject to criminal penalties.

North Sydney Oval is a non smoking venue. This includes vaping/e-cigarettes which are not permitted at the venue. I will at all times comply with this condition and will seek a pass out to leave the venue and smoke no less than 5 metres away from any entry/exit to the venue. Any person caught smoking inside the venue may be asked to leave and refused re-entry.

The venue or any authorised person may photograph and record event crowds from time to time and may use these photographs and recordings for any media or other purpose, including advertising or promotional purposes, without payment of any kind to patrons and ticket holders.