Parking meter upgrade

modern touch screen parking meter with cars behind it and person holding their phone infront

Our parking meters are changing due to the upcoming Australiawide shutdown of the 3G network. All existing parking meters in the North Sydney LGA use this network, which therefore requires an upgrade. Council is using this opportunity to install an updated paid parking system.

You will see the new meters start to be installed in the lead up to switching over in July 2024. There will be no changes to the paid parking zones or time limits, however there will be more opportunities to pay for only the time-period you've parked.

We're going cashless

Over the past year, the number of people paying with coins for parking has lowered to less than 4 percent. In addition, malfunctions in our existing parking meters occur primarily due to coin-box vandalism and jams. The removal of coin payments ensures our parking meters' reliability long-term as it decreases these ongoing maintenance costs.

North Sydney Council's high demand parking areas are managed through pricing and time limits. The parking meters function to maintain regular turnover of in-demand parking spaces, ensuring people can park close to essential services, activities and business appointments.

Council is currently in the process of installing 114 parking meters and 177 Touch N Go boxes which will become active between 18 and 24 July.

Find out more about our new meters

Parking meter QR code security

PayStay's QR codes adhere to high security standards. Stay vigilant to scams by checking the URL link that appears after scanning a QR code. All web addresses will display as under a secure https connection. Scammers make subtle changes to URL text. Check the link and destination to ensure it’s legitimate. If you have the PayStay App it will automatically open when a PayStay QR code is scanned. Confirm the zone number paid for online against the zone number listed on street signs.